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News: Cases and renderings show possible new 10.5” iPad Pro design

Jesse Hollington May 23, 2017

A new series of case images tweeted by prolific leaker Benjamin Geskin (via MacRumors) show the possible physical design of the upcoming 10.5” iPad Pro. The cases include the expected cutouts for the Lightning connector, speakers, and microphone, as well as a cutout for a 3.5mm headphone jack; however the camera cutout suggests a camera with a vertically aligned flash. Cases for an upcoming 12.9” iPad Pro were also shown, and Geskin adds…


Alleged 10.5-inch And 12.9-inch iPad Pro Cases Revealed

Tyler Lee May 22, 2017

Word has it that Apple has a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro in the works that could be unveiled this coming June at WWDC 2017. In terms of design we’re not sure what to expect – could it be that Apple will stick to the current iPad Pro design? Or will the new iPad Pros start to adopt some of the rumored iPhone 8’s design features?

According to a tweet by Benjamin Geskin, maybe not. Geskin’s tweet claims that the new iPad Pro will not be adopting a bezel-less design and that the home button will still be present. This means that for all intents and purposes, the new iPad Pros should look similar to their predecessors and that the changes will most likely be under the hood.

iPad Pro 10.5′ WON’T be bezel-less.
Still bezels. Still home button.
7mm side bezels. 19mm up & down. (approx)
Render coming soon

— Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) May 22, 2017

We suppose that’s not the worst thing to hear, plus we can only assume that Apple would want to keep the iPhone 8’s design features a secret (or as much as possible) before the reveal. Another tweet by Geskin also revealed alleged cases for the iPad Pro, both the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch models.

What’s interesting about these cases is the camera cutout which seems to be similar to what we’ve seen with the iPhone 8, but some have speculated that this is to make room for one camera lens and one flash unit, as opposed to the iPad Pros sporting a dual camera system. Either way take it with a grain of salt and check back with us in a couple of weeks where hopefully we’ll have the details to share.

2017 iPad Pro 10.5′ & iPad Pro 12.9′ cases.

(No new iPad mini this year) pic.twitter.com/Ft3FH48Yzy

— Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) May 22, 2017

Alleged 10.5-inch And 12.9-inch iPad Pro Cases Revealed , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Report Claims 10.5-inch iPad Pro Production Is Ramping Up For June

Tyler Lee May 19, 2017

Apple’s iPad Pros were rumored to undergo a refresh earlier this year, but clearly that did not happen. However recent rumors have suggested that the refresh could take place in June where it could debut alongside the rumored Siri speaker (Apple’s answer to Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home).

Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen, but a report from DigiTimes (via 9to5Mac) has suggested that production of the tablet is currently ramping up where it is expected to be launched and made available in June. Assuming it’s true, the 10.5-inch model will not only represent a new size option, but also another addition to the iPad Pro lineup which features  12.9-inch and 9.7-inch models.

According to DigiTimes, “The upstream supply chain’s shipments for Apple’s new 10.5-inch iPad Pro have been increasing recently and the device’s monthly shipment volume is expected to grow to 600,000 units in July, up from around 500,000 units currently, helping its annual shipments to reach five million units in 2017, according to some market watchers. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro began mass production in March-April.”

Over the years DigiTimes has had a pretty spotty record when it comes to Apple-related rumors, so maybe you should take this with a grain of salt, but it definitely seems to in line with what we’ve heard so far.

Report Claims 10.5-inch iPad Pro Production Is Ramping Up For June , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Tip of the Day: Sharing HomeKit Access

Jesse Hollington May 18, 2017

Once you’ve started to deploy more than a couple of HomeKit accessories in your home, you’ll likely reach a point where you’ll want to ensure that your other family members can also access and control them. Fortunately, Apple has considered this in the design of HomeKit, and in fact has even improved these features with iOS 10 and tvOS 10. To add a user to your HomeKit home from your iPhone, simply open up the “Home”…


Tip of the Day: Correcting your iPhone’s Pronunciation

Jesse Hollington May 16, 2017

We wrote a few years ago about how to help Siri recognize difficult names that you speak to your iPhone, but if you regularly use the voice features to have your iPhone read text to you, you may get annoyed with the constant mispronunciation of certain words — especially proper names, which are almost always tricky. Fortunately, there’s actually a way you can teach the correct pronunciation of certain words to your iPhone (or other iOS device).…


News: Report: Apple to discontinue iPad mini

Dan Pye May 16, 2017

A new report from BGR claims Apple is preparing to discontinue the iPad mini. When it debuted in 2012 the iPad mini occupied a useful niche between the small iPhone and the much larger iPad, competing with the popular Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire. But with 5.5” iPhones encroaching on the smaller tablet’s main selling point — size — a source now claims Apple is experiencing “fierce cannibalism of our own products” and says the…


News: Apple making app-specific passwords mandatory to access iCloud with third-party apps

Dan Pye May 16, 2017

Starting June 15, Apple is making it mandatory for users to set unique passwords for third-party apps before they can access a user’s iCloud data, according to email notices sent out by Apple Support. To create the app-specific passwords, users will have to enable two-factor authentication for their Apple ID and generate passwords for any third-party app accessing mail, contact and calendar items. The change can be made in the App-Specific Passwords…


News: Analyst predicts new 10.5” iPad Pro will be revealed at WWDC

Dan Pye May 15, 2017

Respected KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims there’s an “over 70 percent” chance that Apple will debut a 10.5” iPad Pro during its WWDC conference next month, AppleInsider reports. Kuo said suppliers are ramping up to begin mass production in early June for the new tablet, which sill be a similar size to the current 9.7” iPad Pro but feature a larger display because of narrower bezels. Other analysts claimed the 10.5”…


iPad Pro Refresh Now Rumored For June

Tyler Lee May 10, 2017

We’ve been hearing rumors that Apple could be getting ready for an iPad Pro refresh soon and that it should have taken place in March/April, but clearly that did not happen. Instead what we got was a refresh of the original 9.7-inch iPad which is basically a slightly more affordable model for those who just want an iPad without all the fuss.

So where are the new iPad Pros? For those wondering about that, it seems that maybe June could be when we’ll be hearing more about them. According to the folks at 9to5Mac, they have gotten their hands on a screenshot of a stock system from an Apple Authorized Reseller which shows that Urban Armor Gear has new iPad cases for “iPad 10.5-inch” in three colors and have listed its availability as June.

As you might have heard, Apple has a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro in the works and if this listing is accurate, the June availability hints that the tablet could be launched then as well. Also given that WWDC 2017 is also taking place in June, it does provide Apple a good platform to announce the device, although to be fair WWDC over the years has largely been focused on software.

An alternate possibility is that maybe UAG are simply guessing its availability as we have seen companies done in the past, but either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more info.

iPad Pro Refresh Now Rumored For June , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Apple Support App Can Schedule Repairs With Authorized Providers

Tyler Lee May 10, 2017

If your Apple device is faulty or broken, sending it back to Apple is one of the ways you can go about getting it fixed. However for some customers, this can be a hassle as not everyone stays near an Apple Store. However that will change in the future thanks to an update to the Apple Support app.

In the update to the app, Apple will now allow users to schedule repairs with authorized service providers, who are basically third-party repair shops that have been authorized by Apple to make repairs on their devices. Prior to this scheduling with authorized service providers wasn’t possible, but the update to the app will now let users do just that.

What this means is that if you stay near to an authorized service provider you can schedule an appointment with them instead of going to an Apple Store. It can also act as an alternative for users who are in a rush to get something repaired by the Apple Stores are too busy to slot you in.

This change to the Apple Support app brings it in line with the web version which has already allowed this scheduling feature, but if you use the app more often then no doubt this will come in the handy for the future.

Apple Support App Can Schedule Repairs With Authorized Providers , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

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