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GE Launches C-Reach, A $50 Hub For Its Smart Lights

Tyler Lee November 21, 2017

Just like many home appliances companies, GE is no stranger to creating smart home products. The company has been putting out its C by GE smart light bulbs for a while now, and now it looks like GE has finally decided to launch a hub for them in the form of the C-Reach (via The Verge).

Just like their C by GE bulbs which are pretty affordable, the C-Reach isn’t particularly expensive either at $50. This is a hub that helps to connect its bulbs to your home/office’s WiFi so that they can be controlled remotely or through other gadgets like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

According to Jeff Patton, GM Connected Home Product Management, GE Lighting, “Using voice to control lighting unlocks an entire new world of opportunities for consumers. Sitting on the couch hoping for a cozy experience for your favorite movie? Ask Alexa to dim the lights without getting up. Snuggled in bed with a book? Ask the Google Assistant to turn the lights off once you start to drift off. Away from home? Control lights remotely on the C by GE app. There are countless possibilities to add additional conveniences at home through these collaborations.”

If you’re wondering where is the support for HomeKit, not to worry as GE has promised that the hub will support it eventually, but as it stands it doesn’t. The hub is priced at $50 for the hub-only, or $65 which includes two “Life” bulbs, or $85 which includes two “Sleep” bulbs.

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Google Assistant Updated With Lens Support

Adnan Farooqui November 19, 2017

Google Lens was announced by Google at its annual I/O developers conference back in May this year. It’s a new take on Google Goggles, a feature that has essentially been dead since 2014. Google Lens is capable of providing virtual contextual information about things that the handset’s camera sees. The company is now rolling out support for Google Lens to its artificial intelligence-powered Assistant.

Google Lens can also be described as a camera for Google Assistant that can bring up relevant contextual information on demand. The feature is capable of identifying objects and landmarks in photos as well.

Since it’s linked to Knowledge Graph, the feature can also be used to bring up information about local businesses. Google Lens is capable of pulling contact information from business cards, surfacing event information, translating text from other languages, and more as well.

None of these features are groundbreaking in the sense that it’s already possible to do all of this but with different apps and services. Google Lens brings all of this together into a simple package that lives inside Google Assistant.

Users are now seeing a new Lens button in Google Assistant which opens up the camera when it’s pressed. They then have to tap on the object that they want to search and Assistant then relies on Lens to come up with the relevant contextual information. It functions in a manner similar to Lens in Google Photos.

The company has previously confirmed that this feature will be exclusive to both generations of the Pixel handsets initially.

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Google Assistant Can Help Troubleshoot Your Phone

Tyler Lee November 18, 2017

Say you have some problem with your phone, what do you do? You could search online to see if there are others who have the same problem and who might have solution, or you could take your phone back to the shop where someone can assistant you, or if you want some help on the spot, Google Assistant might do in a pinch.

It has recently discovered that Google’s digital assistant can do more than tell you about the weather, the latest news or traffic updates, or schedule your appointments. As you can see in the screenshot above, it seems that Google Assistant is also capable of troubleshooting your phone’s problems, at least to a certain extent.

For example Android Police reports that they can ask Google Assistant about their phone’s battery problem, and the software will then be able to run a battery health check and also look for any apps that could potentially be the cause of the problem. If it is unable to find anything and you’ve exhausted all options, it will then offer to connect users to Google Support either by phone or through chat.

It seems that this feature isn’t available to all users yet and could be limited to the Pixel 2 phones for now, because Android Police notes that one of their writers was able to use the feature in the US on a Pixel 2 running a dev preview of Android, while another in the UK running on Android 8.0 Oreo could not.

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The Olie Lamp Comes With Wireless Charging And A Digital Assistant

Tyler Lee November 16, 2017

Remember back in the day when a lamp was just a lamp, and all it had to do was provide illumination? These days we’re seeing companies start to “enhance” our everyday gadgets, and the Olie Lamp is one of them. Launched on Indiegogo, the Olie Lamp is a lamp, a wireless charger, and also comes with a digital assistant baked inside of it.

Yup, this means that not only can you use the lamp for mood lighting, reading, or as a work lamp, but you can use it to wirelessly charge your phone (it relies on the Qi standard which makes it compatible with the new iPhones), and because it will feature either Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, you can issue voice commands to it, and we guess to also control other similar smart objects within your home or office.

We have to admit that in terms of the lamp’s design, which was designed by Pearl Studios, it is pretty sleek and minimalist. If that’s the kind of look you’re going for, then the Olie Lamp could be worth checking out. Whether or not the rest of the features are useful or necessary will also depend on you, but if you’re trying to reduce clutter by not having too many gadgets, like a lamp, a separate wireless charger, or a Google Home/Amazon Echo, then this should solve that conundrum.

As it stands the Olie Lamp can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo for $64 which is a limited early bird special. The regular price of the lamp is set at $180 and should it be successfully funded, it will be released to backers come June 2018.

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Nexus Player Gets Google Assistant

Adnan Farooqui November 15, 2017

Google has decided to roll out its artificial intelligence-powered Assistant to the Nexus Player. The company’s first proper digital media player has now received support for the Google Assistant. Yes, there was the Nexus Q, but we all know how that turned out. The Nexus Player has received support for Google Assistant with the November security update for the device.

Google launched the Nexus Player back in 2014. It launched with Android 5.0 and was the first Android TV device at the time. The company has since been rolling out platform updates for this device and even revamped the interface in September with the launch of Android 8.0 Oreo.

It might be the end of the road for the Nexus Player as far as platform updates are concerned, given that Google has excluded it from the Android 8.1 Developer Preview.

The company has gradually been rolling out Assistant to its Android TV-powered devices. We’ve previously seen the Assistant land on devices like the NVIDIA Shield and some Sony TVs.

Once Nexus Player owners install the latest update for their device, they will be informed at first boot that Assistant is now available for the Nexus Player.

It’s not entirely clear how Google has rolled out Assistant for this device. It could have either been through the recent firmware update or via an update to the Google app

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Ecobee’s Smart Thermostats Updated With Google Assistant Support

Tyler Lee November 15, 2017

Thanks to Google making Google Assistant available to third-party developers and hardware makers, we’ve seen various companies integrate the digital assistant into their products and services, similar to how we’re seeing Amazon’s Alexa integrated into other apps and services as well.

In fact the latest addition would be Ecobee, who has recently announced that their lineup of smart thermostats will now have Google Assistant support. What this means is that while the core functionality of their smart thermostats will remain the same, there is the added convenience of being able to control their using your voice, as long as you own a Google Assistant-powered product like the Google Home series of smart speakers, or a handset with support for Google Assistant.

This mean that through your voice, you will be able to adjust your thermostat’s settings without having to reach for the app. Ecobee’s support for Google Assistant doesn’t make them the first company to do so as there are other home devices that already offer support, such as Honeywell and also Nest (although that’s hardly surprising given that Alphabet owns Nest), but it’s good to see more companies come on board.

In fact earlier this month Google published a list of devices that have Google Home support (and by extension and to a certain extent, support for Google Assistant), so check that out if you own a Google Home and want to see what else you can do with it.

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Google Assistant For Tablets Could Be Coming Soon

Tyler Lee November 14, 2017

When Google Assistant was first introduced, it was assumed that just like other Android features, it would be available for all Android devices. However it seemed that Google was attempting to do something different with its Pixel phones and made Google Assistant a temporary exclusive.

However we’ve seen Google start to open up Assistant to more devices, such as Sony’s Android TVs, and last we heard it could be arriving on Chromebooks soon. But what about tablet owners? The good news is that Assistant for Android tablets could also be coming soon, thanks to a recent discovery in the Assistant settings where it was discovered that the row of icons that support Assistant now includes a tablet icon as well as mentioning that it is “Available on Google Home, Android 6.0+ phones and tablets, Chromebooks, and TVs”.

Like we said, Google has been slowly opening up Assistant to more devices, where the feature was initially only available for phones. Presumably Google wants the same widespread adoption and ubiquity that Amazon is enjoying with Alexa which has found its way onto phones, smart speakers, and a bunch of other gadgets.

Unfortunately there is no telling when Assistant for Android tablets will be released, but presumably the addition of the tablet icon does suggest that it could be coming soon.

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Google Assistant Out Now For Sony’s Android TVs

Adnan Farooqui November 7, 2017

Google’s artificial intelligence-powered digital assistant is now rolling out to Sony’s Android TV models. A new software update has been released for the TVs today which brings Google Assistant. The update has been released for all of Sony’s 4K HDR sets that are powered by Android TV. Google Assistant is now available on all of Sony’s 2017 models and select 2016 models as well.

The company has confirmed that the 2016 models of its XBR – Z9D, XBR – X800D, X BR – X750/X700D television sets are receiving this update. All 2017 models are supported and they will get the full Google Assistant experience once this update has been downloaded and installed.

Sony’s television sets aren’t the first devices powered by Android TV to get Google Assistant. The digital assistant has already been released for the NVIDIA Shield TV. The smart assistant was rolled out for that device also via a software update that was released in September.

Those who own a supported Sony Android TV model can now take advantage of the full power of Google Assistant. They can use it to control smart devices, their TV sets, and even take advantage of Google Search by simply speaking into the microphone that’s in their remote.

The update is rolling out now and should be out for all users soon.

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Google Assistant Can Now Identify Songs

Tyler Lee November 6, 2017

Image credit – Android Police

Music recognition apps aren’t new, so it wasn’t a surprise to see companies like Google bake in similar functionality into their Android operating system, or at least back before Google Assistant was around. For some reason with the launch of Google Assistant, Google took that functionality away and made it exclusive to the Pixel 2 phones.

However the good news is that is no longer the case. According to Android Police, it appears that Google is now making music recognition on Google Assistant available to all Android devices. It appears that this could be a gradual rollout as there are some devices that the feature does not work yet, but presumably it should find its way onto all Android devices with Google Assistant eventually.

How the feature works is pretty standard and all users have to do is ask Google Assistant for what song is playing right now, and it will attempt to find out for you. If you don’t have the feature yet, you could always turn to third-party apps like Shazam or SoundHound, which may or may not be better than Google’s option, although we guess having native functionality is always welcome. In any case it should roll out to all users eventually, so do keep an eye out for it if this is a feature you’ve felt is missing on Android.

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Google Lists Devices That Have Google Home Support

Tyler Lee November 1, 2017

While smart and connected household appliances and gadgets aren’t new, there was one problem and that is uniting all of them under a single hub. Given that there are so many different manufacturers, it wouldn’t make sense for all of them to start making their own hubs as it would lead to an insane amount of fragmentation.

This is why it seems that tech companies have stumbled upon a solution in the form of smart speakers that can help manage all of that, such as Amazon’s Echo devices, the Google Home, and of course Apple’s upcoming HomePod. That being said though, with so many devices how do you know which is supported?

The good news is that Google has since published an entire and very extensive list of devices (via Engadget) that are supported by Google Home. The list will contain every brand that is supported by Google Home as well as every model under that brand. So if you’re thinking of outfitting your home with some smart appliances or gadgets and want to know if Google Home supports it, you’ll want to bookmark that page.

Presumably this list will grow and will constantly be updated as more devices are launched in the future, so Google Home owners will probably want to keep tabs on it.

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