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Essential Sued Over Alleged Stolen Modular Accessory Technology

Tyler Lee October 17, 2017

A lot of phones in this day and age don’t necessarily use technology that is 100% their own. This is because it would be impossible for a single company to own all the pieces of technology inside of a phone, which is why many companies have opted to license patents and ideas from other companies who might specialize in certain technologies.

Unfortunately from time to time you do get companies who run afoul of this, and Andy Rubin’s Essential is the latest to land themselves in some legal hot water. The company has been sued by a company called Keyssa who has Nest’s Tony Fadell as one of its backers. They are claiming that Essential had allegedly stolen trade secrets with regards to a modular piece of technology found in the phone.

For those wondering, the Essential Phone comes with a wireless connector that it uses to communicate with a camera accessory that was released around the same time. Keyssa claims that they had been in talks with the company for 10 months before Essential decided to use a competing chip from another company. However Keyssa says that despite that, the end design incorporates techniques that were developed by Keyssa.

In a statement made to Reuters, Keyssa says, “Keyssa has not been compensated for Essential’s use of this guidance and know-how. We are pursuing this action because our attempts to resolve this matter through discussions with Essential have not been successful.” On Essential’s end, they claim to have not yet been officially served the lawsuit and cannot comment on it yet.

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Pure White Essential Phone Is Finally Available

Adnan Farooqui October 12, 2017

The Essential Phone was introduced in two color options but the company only released the one in black initially. Apparently, it required more time to put the finishing touches on the white model, that’s because it has taken the company two months to finally offer the Pure White color option for the Essential Phone. Those who have been waiting for one can finally get their hands on a Pure White Essential Phone starting today.

The Pure White Essential Phone can be purchased starting today from the company’s own website as well as from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. As previously mentioned, it took the company two years to come out with this color option.

Essential hasn’t really given any reason for this delay. Customers who wanted the white one from the start have been made to wait for two months and it seems unlikely right now that Essential will reveal the reason behind this.

There’s nothing different about the Pure White Essential Phone other than the very obvious cosmetic difference. It’s the same smartphone with the very same specifications that the black one touts.

If you’d like to order one, hit up Essential’s website. It’s now available for purchase. You can get it from Amazon and Best Buy as well.

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Essential Phone Has Reportedly Only Sold 5,000 Units So Far

Tyler Lee September 27, 2017

Considering who is behind the Essential Phone, you would think that there would be many flocking to it, however given that it is also a brand new device, some skepticism wouldn’t be surprising. However could there have been too much skepticism? According to a report by BayStreet Research, the Essential Phone appears to have only sold 5,000 units to date.

With that number of units sold, it certainly does pale in comparison to the likes of the tens of millions of devices sold by Apple and Samsung, but like we said, Essential is a brand new company and the Essential Phone is its first device, so you can imagine that too many customers probably don’t want to spend money on something that’s unproven.

According to BayStreet, the 5,000 units is the sell-through which means that these are the units that consumers actually buy through a retailer, or in this case through Sprint which is the Essential Phone’s exclusive carrier in the US. So far reviews of the handset have been mixed, and while it’s hard to deny the smartphone’s beautiful design, the fact that it doesn’t really have that many standout features makes it hard to separate itself from the competition.

In any case the phone and company are still new to the market so perhaps give it some time and things could change, just like OnePlus who was a new player a few years ago, but are now making headlines with their Android smartphones.

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Unlocked Essential Phone Available Now From Best Buy

Adnan Farooqui September 24, 2017

Essential, Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup, recently released its first smartphone ever. The Essential Phone was finally released over a month ago after the company missed its own initial release timeframe. Those who have been meaning to get their hands on one can now pick up the Essential Phone from a variety of sources. Best Buy now has the unlocked Essential Phone available for customers across the country.

Customers can always head over to Essential’s website and purchase the Essential Phone. The company has selected Sprint to be its exclusive carrier partner in the United States so the handset is also available from Sprint stores across the country.

Best Buy was previously selling the Sprint variant of the Essential Phone. However, now it’s possible for customers to purchase the unlocked Essential Phone from Best Buy as well. The unlocked variant has support for CDMA and GSM carriers so it can work on all four major networks in the country.

It’s the same device essentially, pun intended, with a 5.71 inch display, Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage. All of the internals are packed inside a titanium and ceramic chassis.

Best Buy is selling the unlocked Essential Phone for $699. That’s the same price that Essential is charging for the handset.

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Andy Rubin Apologizes For Essential Email Snafu

Tyler Lee August 31, 2017

Recently you might have heard how Essential customers might be facing a phishing attack after there were reports that a few customers were receiving emails from the company asking them for additional verifying information about their orders. Given that this almost never happens, it did seem a bit suspicious even though the emails did seem to come from Essential themselves.

The good news is that this does not appear to be a phishing scam, but rather a little mix up on Essential’s part in which the company’s founder Andy Rubin has since posted an apology on their website. “Yesterday, we made an error in our customer care function that resulted in personal information from approximately 70 customers being shared with a small group of other customers. We have disabled the misconfigured account and have taken steps internally to add safeguards against this happening again in the future.”

Rubin goes on to add that customers who have been impacted by this will be given a one year subscription to LifeLock. “We sincerely apologize for our error and will be offering the impacted customers one year of LifeLock. We will also continue to invest more in our infrastructure and customer care, which will only be more important as we grow.”

The Essential smartphone has recently started to ship out to customers and while there are many smartphones in the market today, what makes the Essential particularly interesting is that it was created by Android’s Andy Rubin, which does carry some weight. Whether or not it’ll be able to compete with the likes of other Android phones remains to be seen.

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Essential Customers Hit By Phishing Attack

Adnan Farooqui August 30, 2017

Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s new smartphone company Essential recently started shipping out its first smartphone. The company actually missed its own release deadline due to certification issues. Customers were made to wait for longer than they expected and now that their units have started shipping, some of them have been hit by a phishing attack. That’s really no fault of the company itself, though.

Many Essential customers have reported on Reddit that they have received emails that have apparently been sent by Essential. The emails are asking them to provide “additional verifying information” about their orders.

The emails have been sent from a support account customercare@essential.com. They claim that the company requires the additional information in order to process their order.

It asks for an alternative email address, phone number, and even a picture of a photo ID that clearly shows the customer’s signature, photo, and address.

It’s unclear if any customers have fallen prey to this phishing attack so far. The issue has been widely reported, though, and Essential is aware of the situation. The company tweeted that it’s looking into a recent email that was received by some customers.

“We’ve taken steps to mitigate & will update with more info soon,” it added. If you’re someone who has received an email like this, please do not reply with your personal information. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

We’re aware of & looking into a recent e-mail received by some customers. We’ve taken steps to mitigate & will update with more info soon.

— Essential (@essential) August 30, 2017

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Essential Phone Is Finally Shipping

Adnan Farooqui August 27, 2017

Essential, the nascent smartphone company founded by the co-founder of Android Andy Rubin, unveiled its first smartphone earlier this year. The Essential Phone was supposed to be released over a month ago but the company missed its own release deadline. After confirming when the handset would be out, Essential has now finally started shipping the Essential Phone.

The release delay wasn’t caused by any production issues, apparently. Essential later confirmed that it had missed its own release deadline due to certification issues.

Essential’s first flagship smartphone has the kind of specs that you would expect from any Android-powered flagship this year. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM, 128GB of onboard storage, and a 3040mAh battery.

The handset also features a dual camera system at the back, a USB Type-C connector, and a near stock version of Android. The body of the device itself is fashioned out of titanium while the back is ceramic.

The company finally started taking pre-orders for its first flagship smartphone earlier this month and it has now started shipping those units.

Essential has confirmed via Twitter that it has begun shipping the Essential Phone and that customers will soon receive an email with the tracking information.

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Essential’s Andy Rubin Wants To Use AI To Cure Smartphone Addiction

Tyler Lee August 21, 2017

We’ve all seen it and there’s a good chance we’ve all done it too, where we’ve gone out with friends and instead of talking to them, we spend our time on our smartphones, taking photos and sharing them on social media, replying to likes and comments, and so on, which kind of defeats the point of going out with friends in the first place.

However Android’s creator and Essential’s Andy Rubin believes that the use of AI in the future could help curb smartphone addiction. In an interview with Bloomberg, Rubin was quoted as saying, “We all lived happy lives before we had always-on internet.” He also talks about the Essential smartphone and it being the first step of his plan, in which future Essential smartphones could run more powerful and complex algorithms and AI to help automate a lot of tasks that will help kick our addiction.

According to Rubin, “If I can get to the point where your phone is a virtual version of you, you can be off enjoying your life, having that dinner, without touching your phone, and you can trust your phone to do things on your behalf. I think I can solve part of the addictive behavior.” It is a rather interesting idea and approach, although we should note that the smartphone market is extremely competitive and not necessarily kind to newcomers.

We’ve seen quite a few smartphones that promised to change the way we use our devices, but none have really stuck, so whether or not Essential will be able to succeed where others have failed remains to be seen. In the meantime those who are interested can pre-order the handset from Sprint, Best Buy, and Essential.

Essential’s Andy Rubin Wants To Use AI To Cure Smartphone Addiction , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Essential Phone Available For Pre-Order From Sprint, Best Buy, And Essential

Adnan Farooqui August 17, 2017

Essential unveiled its very first smartphone over a month back. The company missed its own launch deadline for the handset. The company’s founder Andy Rubin said last week that Essential will confirm when its first smartphone will be available. Those who have been waiting to order it can now do so. The Essential Phone can now be pre-ordered from Best Buy, Sprint, and Essential itself.

Essential and Best Buy are both selling the Essential Phone unlocked and off-contract for $699. Sprint is the exclusive carrier partner for this smartphone in the United States. Nevertheless, both versions of the handset are compatible with all major carriers in the country.

Customers who purchase the handset from Essential can get the 360 camera module for the new flagship for an additional $50. This promotional pricing for the camera module is only being offered for a limited time.

Sprint is also offering its own launch date for the handset. Customers can get it on the carrier’s Sprint Flex Lease program for 50 percent off so their monthly payment for the device will be $14.58.

Essential’s first smartphone is guaranteed to receive Android OS updates for 2 years and the company promises to release monthly security updates for its device for 3 years.

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Essential To Host A ‘First Look’ Event On August 25th

Adnan Farooqui August 13, 2017

Essential, Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s new smartphone company, has sent out invitations to a “first look” event which will take place on August 25th. It appears that the nascent smartphone company is inviting a select group of people to come in and play around with the much-awaited handset. The event will be conducted after Essential confirms when it’s finally going to release the Essential Phone.

Essential has missed the deadline it imposed on itself for the release of the Essential Phone. Production is in full swing these days and Rubin says that the company will confirm the actual release date by next week.

The Essential Phone is the very first smartphone that this company has unveiled. It’s a flagship-level smartphone that can hold its own against the best of them. Essential will sell it directly to customers unlocked and off-contract. Sprint has been selected as the sole carrier partner for the Essential Phone in the United States.

Essential’s “First Look Event” takes place in West Hollywood. It’s an invite-only event and from the looks of it, the company is going to provide a select group of people their first chance to play with the Essential Phone and 360 Camera.

As for when the handset will actually be released, we’ll have to wait until next week to find that out for sure.

Essential To Host A ‘First Look’ Event On August 25th , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

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