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Honda Unveils The World’s First Bike With Apple’s CarPlay

Tyler Lee October 29, 2017

When you think of Apple’s CarPlay, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about those infotainment units found on the dashboards of cars, but hey, why should car owners have all the fun, right? The good news for our readers who love riding their motorcycles is that it looks like CarPlay will be arriving on bikes, with the first model being the 2018 Honda Gold Wing.

In a report from CNET’s Road Show, “Yes, the (now inaccurately named) feature is available for the first time on two wheels courtesy of the 7-inch LCD in the center of the new Gold Wing’s dashboard. Connect your phone via USB (either in the trunk or the storage cubby in the tank), then pair your Bluetooth headset to the bike and the familiar CarPlay interface shows up right there on the dash.”

Users will have to pair a Bluetooth headset which is apparently a rule set by Apple. There will be a four-way controller on the left grip of the bike and a rotary controller on the tank of the bike, so how you want to access or control the system will be entirely up to you. As for Android users wondering about Android Auto, CNET reports that the decision to go with CarPlay was due to Google focusing on cars for now, not so much an unwillingness on Honda’s part, although if this does take off successfully you can be sure that Google will want to look into this next.

For those who are interested in a new bike that supports CarPlay, the 2018 Honda Gold Wing will be made available come February 2018 where it will be priced starting at $23,500.

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CarPlay Becoming A ‘Must Have’ Feature For iPhone Users

Tyler Lee October 17, 2017

The times of when all we demanded from our car’s entertainment system was radio is long gone. Fast forward to today and our requirements for an infotainment system has changed where it needs to have a display, support Bluetooth connectivity, pair with our phones, show maps, and so on.

This has allowed companies such as Apple and Google to come up with their own car infotainment systems like CarPlay and Android Auto respectively. It is also why it is not a surprise to learn that demand for CarPlay is slowly on the rise amongst iPhone users, or at least that’s according to a recent survey conducted by Strategy Analytics.

According to the survey, it has found that in the US, 23% of smartphone users say that CarPlay is a “must have” feature for their next car purchase. 56% have said that they are interested, while 21% aren’t interested. This number is higher in other parts of the world like Europe where 25% say it is a must have, and China where the number is even higher at 36%.

Admittedly CarPlay isn’t quite taking off like iOS given how competitive the field is, and not to mention many carmakers who already have solutions of their own, but what do you guys think? Is CarPlay (or Android Auto for our Android readers out there) a “must have” feature for your next car?

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News: Google Play Music gains CarPlay support

Jesse Hollington July 21, 2017

Google’s Play Music app has quietly gained CarPlay support in a recent update, allowing users of the streaming music service to more easily access and play content from their dashboard in a CarPlay-enabled vehicle. The addition of CarPlay support isn’t listed in Google Play Music’s release notes, so it’s unclear when the feature actually became available, but the addition of the feature was discovered and reported on reddit…


News: Ford releases SYNC 3 update with CarPlay support for 2016 models

Jesse Hollington May 19, 2017

Ford has announced an update to its SYNC 3 system that brings support for CarPlay to its model-year 2016 vehicles. Ford included CarPlay in most of its 2017 models last summer, including the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and Mustang, SUVs including the Escape, Explorer and Expedition, F-Series trucks and Ford’s electrified vehicles. This latest update means that 2016 model owners with a SYNC 3 system will be able to take advantage of CarPlay support as…


News: Mazda announces it will add CarPlay to vehicles, but doesn’t set timeline

Dan Pye March 14, 2017

Mazda has announced it will add CarPlay to its car and SUV lineup, but hasn’t made its timeline for doing so official, Cars.com reports. The company made the announcement during the launch of its 2017 CX-5, but included no details on which cars will be the first to get the new feature. Mazda spokesperson Jacob Brown did add that once the feature is released, it “should be retroactively upgradeable onto all Mazda Connect systems with a…


BMW Android Auto Support Ruled Out

Adnan Farooqui March 1, 2017

Car manufacturers are increasingly integrating infotainment systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to ensure that their customers have access to the system of their choice. However, there are some manufacturers who opt for one or the other and not both. BMW is one such manufacturer. Even though it offers support for Apple CarPlay in some models as an option, it has ruled out Android Auto support in its cars for now.

Speaking with TechCrunch, Dieter May, BMW’s senior vice president of Digital Services and Business Models, said that the company believes that it has to control the customer interface of the experiences that are coming to the inside of the car.

BMW believes it to be a part of the brand experience and for that, it doesn’t want to have an Android screen. Despite the fact that it does offer CarPlay support as an option, BMW is more focused on promoting and further developing its own Apps for Auto platform which is part of its ConnectedDrive system. This platform allows apps to deeply and safely integrate with the car’s infotainment system.

The executive’s comments make it seem that the company isn’t really too excited about adding Android Auto to it cars so that means that those who have been holding on hope for it to eventually arrive might have to look elsewhere because for now, it doesn’t seem like BMW is interested in Android Auto support for its cars at all.

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