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How To Record Calls on iPhone

Ankush Das May 23, 2017

You would have observed that some of the Java-based phones offered – “Call Record” option back then. However, the same does not apply to our smartphones. Especially, when it comes to an iPhone, you cannot record the voice calls without utilizing additional tools because there is no native support for it.

Do you need a Jailbroken device in order to record calls on iPhone? No! We have a couple of solutions that would let you record calls on iPhone.

1. Record Both Incoming & Outgoing Calls: Using 3rd Party Apps

The best way to record calls on iPhone would be to utilize the apps available at the App Store. It is the most easiest and convenient way to record both incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone. However, in order to do it, you will have to have a few bucks for in-app purchases to record calls on iPhone.

Here, we would suggest two of the best call recording apps for iPhone.

  • Call Recorder Lite

    call recorder lite - how to record calls on iPhone
    Call Recorder Lite is a free-to-download app available at the App Store. It only supports a handful of countries like the United States of America, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

    After you have successfully installed the application, you will have to select a local number through which your calls would be connected and recorded. Be aware of the roaming charges if you select a number that is not local to you. With the free version, you get to record everything but you will not be able to access the audio recorder past 60 seconds.

    So, you would have to upgrade it to the premium version at just 10 USD which removes the restriction and lets you easily share or export the full call recording.

  • Call Recorder – IntCall

    call recorder int call - how to record calls on iPhone
    With this call recorder installed you get to only record the outgoing calls. However, it supports a whole lot of countries to record the outgoing calls.

    IntCall requires you to have an active Internet connection which it utilizes to connect and record the calls. Similar to any other call recording apps out there, IntCall is free to install but you would need credits to make outgoing calls while recording them.

    You can take a look at the price list after installing the app. For instance, it works with 0.10 USD/min if you make a call to someone in India. So, you would have to add credits in order to make the outgoing call and the voice call would be automatically recorder with no additional steps. To give you a head start, the app offers 0.30 USD of free credit to see how it works. You can then buy more credits if it proves to good enough.


2. Record Incoming Calls: Using Google Voice

Do note that Google Voice is a US-only service for now. So, if are from the United States, you can record your incoming calls using Google Voice.

To get started, simply visit Google Voice’s settings page (Sign in if you are asked).

google voice calls - how to record calls on iPhone

Now, click on the “Calls” tab from the left sidebar.

Scroll down a bit to find the incoming recording call option as shown in the image below.

incoming voice recording - google voice

After you have enabled the option, you can record an incoming voice call to your Google voice number by tapping “4”. 

3. Record Both Incoming & Outgoing Calls: Using External Voice Recorder

external voice recorder

If nothing works out for you, external voice recorders could come handy. However, getting an external voice recorder to record calls on iPhone is an expensive take. Nevertheless, if you are ready to do that, you can get started by looking for a Bluetooth call recorder tailored for iPhone.

We could point you to one such product which costs 100 USD (approx). You can keep an eye out for similar devices to help you out for the cause.

Buy now:

Wrapping Up

Now that you have known about some interesting ways with which you can record calls on iPhone. Would you mind sharing your method to record calls on iPhone? Did you utilize an app? An external voice recorder?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


How To Record Calls on iPhone , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Instagram Testing An Archiving Feature For Photos

Tyler Lee May 23, 2017

Image credit – Matt Navarra

More often than not sometimes you might post a photo on Instagram that you might decide to delete later. There are many reasons for this, such as maybe on second thought it doesn’t look as nice as you think, or maybe you’re getting too many flames and trolls, and so on. However if you do decide to bring it back, it basically means starting from scratch again.

However in the future that may no longer be the case. The folks at TechCrunch were recently tipped off to a feature Instagram is testing by Matt Navarra. As you can see in the screenshot above, it seems that Instagram is testing out an archiving feature where users can choose to archive posts instead of deleting them outright.

Archiving a photo does not delete it and users will be able to quickly and easily bring it back at a later date if they choose. Instagram has since confirmed to TechCrunch that this is a feature that they are testing out, but stopped short on stating whether or not this will eventually become a feature that is available to all.

We have to admit that this is actually a rather clever feature and one we wouldn’t mind seeing. We’re not sure who the feature is being tested on, but if you do see it activated for your account, this is what it’s meant for.

Instagram Testing An Archiving Feature For Photos , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


YouTube TV Can Stream To Apple TV With AirPlay Support

Tyler Lee May 22, 2017

If you wanted to watch YouTube TV on your Apple TV, for some strange reason YouTube has yet to create a dedicated app for the service yet. However the good news is that while a native app for the Apple TV has yet to be launched, YouTube has made some changes to its iOS app that should help make things a bit more convenient.

If users were to update to the latest YouTube TV app, they will be pleased to learn that the update will bring about support for AirPlay. What this means is that users will now be able to beam YouTube TV from their iOS device to the Apple TV and enjoy it on the big screen. We know that this seems like a convoluted solution that an Apple TV app would solve in an instant, but we guess that’s just the way that users have to go about it for now.

Note that there are other ways to watch YouTube TV on your television, such as with the Google Chromecast, but if you do not own a Chromecast device then we guess this method will have to suffice for now. We should also remind users that a YouTube TV app for set-top boxes is still MIA but given that the service is only a few weeks old, we guess that YouTube will eventually get around to it. In the meantime users can update the iOS YouTube TV app via the iTunes App Store.

YouTube TV Can Stream To Apple TV With AirPlay Support , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Niantic Hints That Legendary Pokemon Will Be Coming This Summer

Tyler Lee May 22, 2017

When Pokemon GO was first shown off, it showed us what we could expect in terms of player battles, legendary Pokemon, and so on. However quite a lot of those features have yet to be launched despite Pokemon GO having been out for a while now. The good news is that the wait could soon be coming to an end.

During the 21st Annual Webby Awards, Niantic was awarded a handful of awards including “Best Mobile Game”, and during the acceptance of the award, Niantic’s Archit Bhargava who is the company’s global marketing product lead, hinted that legendary Pokemon would be launched this coming summer.

In his acceptance speech, Bhargava said only five words which left little to the imagination, which was, “This summer will be legendary”. Now we know that Niantic has promised that legendary Pokemon, player trading, and player battles would be features that would be launched in the near future, but without a specific time frame we’re sure that more than one gamer has started to get a bit antsy.

So while other features are still unclear in terms of their release, it seems that as far as legendary Pokemon are concerned, this summer could be it! So, who else is excited?

Niantic Hints That Legendary Pokemon Will Be Coming This Summer , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Telegram Video Messages Launched

Adnan Farooqui May 21, 2017

Telegram has rolled out a new update for its app which brings two major features: video messages and telescope. The video messages feature comes after voice messages, a feature that’s much loved by Telegram users. Starting today, users can now send video messages to their contacts the same way they send voice messages.

Users first tap on the mic icon to switch to camera mode when they want to send a video message. They are sent fast because Telegram compresses them and send them even as they’re being recorded.

All video messages are automatically downloaded and autoplayed by default but this can be changed in Settings. The company says that they generally feel and act like voice messages “on visual steroids.” It’s possible to browse other chats while watching a video message. It can pop up in a corner and can even be moved around the screen by the user.

Telescope is a dedicated video hosting platform for those who rely on live video streaming to communicate with their audiences. It hosts autoplayed round videos of up to 1 minute in duration, and viewers don’t need a Telegram account to see them.

Telegram 4.0 is now live, users should see a notification about an app update on their devices today if they haven’t already.

Telegram Video Messages Launched , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Deleted iPhone Notes Remain Stored In iCloud Even After 30 Days

Adnan Farooqui May 21, 2017

Elcomsoft, a software company based in Russia, has found that iPhone notes written and stored in the handset’s Notes app and synced to iCloud remain stored even when they’ve been deleted by the user. The company says that the notes remain in storage also after the 30-day expiration period of the “Recently Deleted” category ends.

If this is true, it obviously contradicts Apple’s claim that notes stored in the app and synced with iCloud are completely erased from servers after the 30 day expiration period is over. Elcomsoft’s claim means that while the notes are completely deleted from your device, they do remain in the cloud in one way or the other.

The way Elcomsoft describes it, basically, the server stores a show of the notes after they’ve been deleted from the device and the 30 day period is up. So accessing them is only possible through the company’s proprietary Phone Breaker tool. The tool is capable of downloading and extracting all of those shadow notes from iCloud.

It performed a demonstration on an iPhone 7 with 288 notes in it. When the tool is used, it extracts 334 notes from the iCloud account which include 46 additional notes that were long deleted but were somehow available on the server.

Apple has been made aware of this and while people expect that it would fix the matter, it has not yet issued a comment concerning this claim from Elcomsoft.

Deleted iPhone Notes Remain Stored In iCloud Even After 30 Days , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Google Will Now Inform Developers Of Poorly Made Android Apps

Tyler Lee May 21, 2017

When it comes to developing apps, there are many ways one can go about solving the same problem or trying to achieve the same thing. This is where experience comes into play, where more experienced developers will probably be better at coming up with code that is more efficient, so like we said, not all apps are created equal.

Google knows this and this is also something they want to help improve, which is why Google now has a new way of informing developers if their apps just aren’t quite up to scratch. Basically what happens is that if an app is ranked in the bottom 25% when it comes to stability, battery efficiency, or rendering metrics, Google will notify the developer via the developer console.

Google revealed six different metrics that they will use to determine if an app has been made poorly, which includes error messages such as “Application not responding error”, experiencing at least one crash, where it keeps a device awake for more than an hour, an app that wakes a device up more than 10 times an hour, apps that run slower than 60fps, and laggy frame rendering.

Of course whether or not the developer chooses to respond to Google’s advice/suggestions is a different story, but back in February Google did state that how well an app performs will affects its promotability, meaning that poorly-made apps could be less visible than better-made ones, so that should be incentive enough for developers to improve on their work.

Google Will Now Inform Developers Of Poorly Made Android Apps , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Google Working On Chromebook Emulator For Android Devs

Tyler Lee May 20, 2017

So we know that Google is aiming for the Chromebook to run Android apps, however since Android apps are clearly designed for smartphones, this means that when used on a device with a larger display liked a laptop, it won’t look the same and the experience won’t be ideal, but Google has a plan to help with that.

It seems that Google is working on a Chromebook emulator for Android app developers As the name suggests, this is an emulator designed to mimic a Chromebook or a device with a larger display, so that when Android developers are planning to make their apps compatible with Chrome OS, they can use the emulator to ensure that their apps are optimized for devices with larger displays.

According to Google, they claim that most apps will already work on a larger form factor device, but developers could use the emulator to help make it a more optimized experience if they are hoping to make full use of Chrome OS. It is interesting that Google is putting in so much effort especially when they have stated that in the past there are no plans to merge the platforms.

That being said, the emulator is still in development but developers who are interested in having early access can go ahead and sign up via Google’s website.

Google Working On Chromebook Emulator For Android Devs , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Google’s Daydream Elements Highlights Best VR Practices

Tyler Lee May 19, 2017

With virtual reality (VR) technology being relatively new and slowly gaining momentum, we guess there is still quite a lot of things that developers have yet to figure out, such as what is the best way to design an app for VR and how can it deliver the best experience? The good news for developers is that Google is here to help.

The company has recently released an app called Daydream Elements. This app is clearly designed for developers in mind and it basically highlights the best VR practices that developers can adopt when creating content. “Daydream Elements is a collection of tech demos that showcase principles and best practices for developing high-quality VR experiences. The core mechanics in each demo are built to be easily configurable and reusable for your own applications.”

As you can see in the screenshot above, the app will discuss various topics related to VR and how to best approach them. This includes movement within the virtual world, designing the menus and virtual controls that can be used, along with rendering and lighting. Given that motion sickness is a potential problem when donning VR headsets, we reckon that these guidelines might be important especially for newbie developers getting into the VR game.

If you’re interested in checking it out, then head on over to the Google Play Store for the download, but note that you will need a Daydream compatible handset and a headset viewer to really take advantage of the app.

Google’s Daydream Elements Highlights Best VR Practices , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Duolingo (Finally) Adds Support For Japanese, Lets You Learn On The Go

Tyler Lee May 19, 2017

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language but don’t really have the time to attend classes or sit down with a book in front of you? Thankfully there are several mobile apps out there that allow users to learn on the go, and Duolingo is one of them, and now it looks like the app has finally added support for the Japanese language.

According to Duolingo co-founder and CEO Luis von Ahn, “This is by far the most requested and highly anticipated course launch in Duolingo’s five-year history. No matter what we’d share on social media, tons of people would respond with, ‘that’s nice, but when are you launching Japanese?’”

Duolingo’s Japanese classes will focus on real-life situations, meaning that you could learn on the go and use it while you’re traveling about Japan, or if you’re planning to visit the country for the 2020 Olympics. The reason behind why it took the developers this long to add support for Japanese is because of the writing systems used in Japan, which made it a bit more complex compared to other languages that at least still used the Roman alphabet.

If you’re interested in checking out Duolingo’s Japanese lessons, you can download the app from the iTunes App Store. At the moment Japanese support is only for the iOS version of the app, but it is expected to be added to Android in the future.

Duolingo (Finally) Adds Support For Japanese, Lets You Learn On The Go , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

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