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News: Apple Watch will be able to control some Whirlpool appliances later this year

Dan Pye January 8, 2018

Whirlpool’s Wi-Fi-connected ovens, washers and dryers will be able to be controlled from the Apple Watch sometime later this year, CNET reports. The Whirlpool app for Apple Watch will be able to control more than 20 of the company’s smarthome appliances — a first for the Apple Watch, which has been previously linked to gym equipment but never to these types of appliances. Users will be able to check the temperature or change settings…


News: Apple Watch users reporting interference from ICU equipment causing problems

Dan Pye January 3, 2018

Apple Watch users working in intensive care units are reporting Apple Watch problems, 9to5Mac reports. One user with an Apple Watch Series 3 was experiencing reboots every 60-90 minutes while working in the ICU, and the issue continued even after the device was replaced, leading to speculation that ICU-related equipment is causing the problems. The problem has become so pervasive that there’s now a three-page support thread for the issue, but…


News: Apple files for ‘Connects to Apple Watch’ trademarks

Jesse Hollington December 28, 2017

Apple has applied for a pair of new trademarks for devices that connect to the Apple Watch, Patently Apple reports. The new trademarks are presumably intended to be used to help identify third-party health and fitness accessories that are designed and certified to work with the Apple Watch, which will very likely include both the recently unveiled GymKit equipment as well as third-party health monitoring accessories like AliveCor’s KardiaBand….


Apple Watch Glucose Reader Said To Be ‘Years Away’

Adnan Farooqui December 27, 2017

Multiple reports have suggested that Apple wants its smartwatch to be taken as more than just a luxury smartwatch. It wants to develop the Apple Watch into a bonafide medical companion. Some reports have suggested that the company has been developing a non-invasive glucose reader for the Apple Watch. According to a new report, the Apple Watch glucose reader is “years away” from becoming a reality.

The New York Times reports that Apple is continuing research on the idea of including a non-invasive glucose monitor in the Apple Watch. However, industry experts suggest that it could take years before the idea can be transformed into a commercial product.

It’s believed that Apple wanted to offer this feature with the first Apple Watch that was released in 2015. However, it decided against it because the feature was either unreliable or forced a compromise in size and battery life that Apple was just not willing to make.

That’s not all. A glucose reader may also require approval by the Food and Drug Administration and that may take up time.

Apple is reportedly thinking about building an EKG monitor into the Apple Watch as well. If these reports are accurate, the Apple Watch may offer significantly different features in just a few years from now.

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Future Apple Watch Models Might Feature An EKG Heart Monitor

Adnan Farooqui December 21, 2017

The Apple Watch may have been initially perceived as a luxury device but it appears that the company now wants it to be considered as a serious medical device. According to a new report, Apple is developing an advanced heart-monitoring feature that may be included in future versions of the Apple Watch. The report claims that Apple is developing an EKG monitor for its smartwatch.

Electrocardiogram or EKG is a test that’s normally performed using multiple electrodes that are placed directly on the skin. The machine monitors electrical patterns in between heartbeats. These patterns or signals are used to detect heart defects, abnormalities, and other indicators of cardiovascular illness.

Bloomberg reports that a version being tested requires users to squeeze the smartwatch’s frame with two fingers from the hand that they’re not wearing the Apple Watch on. The EKG monitor then passes an imperceptible current across the user’s chest to track electrical signals in the heart and figure out if there are any abnormalities.

The EKG tests conducted in hospitals, ambulances, and doctor’s offices only monitor the heart’s activity for a short period of time. This limits their ability to spot potential abnormalities. There are wearable medical devices as well that track the heart for a few days. Putting one inside a smartwatch will make it easier for people to live with one on a daily basis.

The report mentions that the development process is still ongoing and that Apple could decide not to include the technology in future products. A spokeswoman for the company declined to comment on the report.

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Apple To Launch ‘Global Flagship’ Retail Store In Australia

Tyler Lee December 19, 2017

As far as official Apple Stores in Australia are concerned, there are quite a few scattered throughout the country. However it seems like that isn’t enough because Apple has since announced their plans to launch a “global flagship” store in Federation Square, which is located in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

According to Apple, the launch of this “global flagship” store is expected to bring an additional 2 million visitors to Federation Square per year, create 250 temporary construction jobs, and also 200 ongoing jobs following the completion of the store. Construction is expected to commence in 2019 and will be ready in 2020, which means that it will still be some time to go before customers will be able to check the store out for themselves.

Apple retail head Angela Ahrendts is quoted as saying, “We’re thrilled to move forward in the planning process for our new home in Melbourne’s Federation Square and will be honoured to call the world-class galleries and museums of Melbourne our neighbours.” Australia’s Minister for Trade and Investment Philip Dalidakis adds, “Apple’s new Australian flagship reinforces Melbourne’s reputation as the undisputed tech capital of Australia and creates hundreds of ongoing jobs in the process.”

It is unclear as to what the store could look like, but based on Apple’s other standalone retail stores, it should be a bit of an architecture marvel.

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Reactivating LTE For The Apple Watch Series 3 Could Be Pricey

Tyler Lee December 18, 2017

With the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple has introduced an option in which users can choose to activate LTE capabilities on their smartwatch so that they don’t have to be tethered to a phone. This of course also means that you’ll need to purchase a separate Apple Watch plan from your carrier.

Now if you live in the US, this is something you’ll want to take note of because it could be an expensive decision if you’re still unsure. According to a report from Macworld’s Michael Simon, it seems that deactivating and reactivating the LTE capabilities on the Apple Watch Series 3 could be rather expensive. This is because carriers usually charge customers an activation fee, one that most of them seem to have waived for first-time activations.

So imagine this scenario where you purchase a data plan for your Apple Watch, but ultimately you decide that you’d rather save yourself $10 a month and that tethering it to your iPhone isn’t really so bad, so you deactivate LTE on your Apple Watch through your carrier. However a few months later you realize how useful LTE is on the Apple Watch and want to reactivate it, in which you will then be charged anywhere between $25-$30 for it.

As Simon points out, the activation fees are usually worth a couple of months of maintaining the subscription, so depending on how long you want to cancel the service for, it might actually be cheaper to just let it run. Of course $25-30 might not seem like a huge deal, but if you flip-flop between keeping the service and deactivating it, it could easily run up a huge bill.

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