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Apple Pulls Apple Pay Support From Hate Websites

Tyler Lee August 16, 2017

Following the events in Charlottesville, it seems that Apple has decided to take a stand and according to a report from BuzzFeed News, the Cupertino company has pulled support for Apple Pay from hate websites, such as websites belonging to white nationalists and hate groups who might be selling paraphernalia on their websites.

However this move shouldn’t be too surprising. While Apple did not comment on the removal of support, a company spokesperson did point BuzzFeed News towards Apple’s guidelines for using Apple Pay, which basically forbids the integration of Apple Pay into websites that “promotes hate, violence, or intolerance based on race, age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.”

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has also publicly spoken about the events on Twitter where he wrote, “We’ve seen the terror of white supremacy & racist violence before,” Cook wrote. “It’s a moral issue – an affront to America. We must all stand against it.” Cook also posted a separate tweet condemning the violence at Charlottesville, “Heartbreaking scenes in #Charlottesville. Violence and racism have no place in America.”

Apple isn’t alone in their removal of support for services as other payment providers, such as PayPal, have said that they are working towards blocking “sites that accept payments or raise funds to promote hate, violence and intolerance.”

Apple Pulls Apple Pay Support From Hate Websites , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


News: Fifth beta of iOS 11 hints at German Apple Pay rollout

Jesse Hollington August 11, 2017

New details found in iOS 11 and watchOS 4 suggest that the launch of Apple Pay in Germany may be coming sooner than expected. While Apple’s website hinted at a German launch last fall, more recent reports from last spring have suggested that negotiations have moved more slowly than expected. However, iOS developer Philipp Ebener told MacRumors that the fifth regional betas of iOS 11 and watchOS 4 now include the option to add German bank cards…


Lyft Will Match Donations Made On Rides Paid With Apple Pay

Tyler Lee August 2, 2017

Are you thinking about donating to charity? If you are, then you might have heard of Lyft’s Round Up & Donate program. For those who haven’t, basically this is where at the end of your trip, Lyft will round up your fare to the nearest dollar and that difference will be donated to a variety of charity organizations.

Now in an announcement by Lyft, the company has revealed that for users who opt to use Apple Pay when paying for their rides and who are opted in the Round Up & Donate program, the company will be matching your donations, meaning it won’t be just the rider who donates, but Lyft will be donating as well based on how much you donate.

This program is expected to run for the entire month, so if you want to increase the amount that is being donated to the various charities supported by Lyft, now is the time to do so. Round Up & Donate is an opt-in program and if you’d like to find out how to opt into it (or opt out), the instructions can be found on Lyft’s support page.

Given that Lyft is currently boasting 1 million rides per day, even if the rounded up figure is a couple of cents, it will certainly add up in the long run.

Lyft Will Match Donations Made On Rides Paid With Apple Pay , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Apple’s ‘Face ID’ Could Be Used To Authenticate Apple Pay

Tyler Lee August 2, 2017

A popular rumor of the upcoming iPhone 8 is that Apple could actually be introducing a new security measure for the phone. At the moment the iPhone allows users to authenticate themselves using a passcode or using their fingerprint to unlock their devices and make payments, but facial recognition is apparently a new feature.

In fact not too long ago Apple might have actually confirmed it by accident, and recently it seems that inside of the HomePod firmware that was released not too long ago, more evidence has been uncovered that Apple might have some kind of facial recognition system in the works that has since been referred to as “Face ID”, which could be used to authenticate payments made with Apple Pay.

Now color us skeptical, but facial recognition isn’t new and as we have seen in the past, some systems can be fooled by using a photograph, which obviously is not the most secure method around. However some are saying that the iPhone 8 could employ the use of infrared/3D laser scanners to make the system more robust and secure compared to existing systems. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen.

Other rumors have suggested that Face ID could be on track to replace Touch ID, and since the iPhone 8 supposedly lacks a home button, the jury is still out on whether Touch ID will be built into the screen, on the back of the phone, or into the power button, but either way take it all with a grain of salt.

Apple’s ‘Face ID’ Could Be Used To Authenticate Apple Pay , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


News: Apple Store app now supports payments via Touch ID

Jesse Hollington July 28, 2017

Apple has updated its Apple Store app for iOS, adding the ability to use Touch ID to authorize payments and make changes to account information. Although Apple originally added Touch ID support to the Apple Store app back in 2015, the feature was originally limited to viewing orders, accessing EasyPay receipts, and making online reservations at an Apple Store, and still required the user to enter their Apple ID password to access stored payment information…


News: Tim Hortons launches Mobile Order and Pay, with Apple Pay support

Jesse Hollington July 28, 2017

Iconic Canadian fast food chain Tim Hortons has launched its new Mobile Order and Pay feature, following several months of testing that began this past spring. A new Tim Hortons app has been release on the App Store for the new service, replacing the older “TimmyMe” app that was previously used to manage Tim Hortons store card payments. The new app will allow existing users of the TimmyMe app to seamlessly transfer their balances to the…


JCPenney Apple Pay Support Goes Live Properly

Adnan Farooqui July 24, 2017

U.S. retail giant JCPenny is now properly offering Apple Pay support to customers at all of its locations across the United States. The department store chain announced today that full Apple Pay support is now available at its stores, even store-branded credit cards and associated rewards points are supported with Apple Pay now.

JCPenny was actually one of the first retailers to run a pilot program for Apple Pay. It started doing that back in November 2015.

However, even though it was expected to announce chain-wide support by spring last year, it didn’t do that. Over a year has passed since then and only now JCPenny has announced that Apple Pay is finally supported chain-wide.

Now that Apple Pay is properly supported by JCPenny locations, customers will be able to pay for their purchases by holding their iPhone or Apple Watch near a point-of-sale terminal instead of having to insert a chip card. The retailer’s credit card will also be available on Apple Pay so customers will be able to earn shopping points through JCPenny Rewards.

Apple Pay works with the iPhone SE and subsequent models of the iPhone as well as the Apple Watch. JCPenny point-of-sale registers now process all Apple Pay supported bank cards. The retailer has also said that it’s going to add support for Apple Pay as a payment option in its mobile app in the near future.

JCPenney Apple Pay Support Goes Live Properly , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Subway Testing Out Self-Service Kiosks With Support For Apple Pay

Tyler Lee July 18, 2017

Ordering from Subway around the world is pretty much the same process, where you stand in a queue and when it’s your turn, you tell the person behind the counter what you’re after, what bread you want, what kind of vegetables and sauces you want, and so on. However it seems that Subway wants to modernize the ordering process.

The company has recently announced that they will be introducing what they are calling the “Subway Fresh Forward” design, which is basically a redesigning of the Subway stores where they will introduce self-service kiosks, where customers can order their sandwiches via a digital menu and maybe payments using mobile options such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

There will also be an option for customers to pre-order their food, meaning that if they’re short on time they can place an order before arriving and pick it up when they reach. According to Trevor Haynes, Vice President of Operations at Subway, “We’ve created a modern design that gives our guests choices – from how they order, to how they pick up their food, to how they enjoy their meal. The reactions from our guests, our franchisees and the Sandwich Artists has been incredibly positive.”

The new Subway dining experience won’t be available everywhere yet, with 12 pilot locations spread out through the US, Canada, and the UK, presumably with more to follow should this prove to be successful.

Subway Testing Out Self-Service Kiosks With Support For Apple Pay , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


News: Apple Pay expanding to additional banks in France, Italy, Spain, and Canada

Jesse Hollington July 6, 2017

Apple Pay is expanding to several new banks in Europe, MacRumors reports, with Apple having updated its regional web sites listing several new banks in France, Italy, and Spain as either now or soon to be supporting the mobile payment service. Apple Pay is available now in Italy at Banca Mediolanum for Mediolanum Card debit cards, and in Spain by prepaid mobile wallet provider Boon. Apple has also tacitly announced that Apple Pay will be coming later…


Using Apple Pay Will Help Preserve National Parks

Tyler Lee July 3, 2017

Apple’s green initiatives are pretty well-known, and with pretty much every product that is announced, Apple always makes sure to remind their customers about how green their products are. It’s not just limited to their products, but even their operations, such as in Singapore where Apple has made it 100% renewable.

This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Apple is looking to do their part in preserving the national parks in the US. The company has recently announced that from the 1st of July to the 15th of July, every purchase that is made using Apple Pay will see $1 donated to the National Park Foundation.

However it seems that it is a bit limited in where you can use it at. According to Apple, these are for “every purchase made with Apple Pay at any Apple Store, on apple.com or through the Apple Store app in the US.” Now $1 seems like a teensy fraction compared to how much Apple products like the MacBook Pro cost, but if you were planning on buying something anyway, why not do something that goes towards preserving nature, right?

According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, “America’s national parks are an inspiration to us at Apple, and we know they are as important to many of our customers as they are to us. Our goal is to leave the world better than we found it, so this July we’re making it easier for anyone to help preserve the beauty of our natural, cultural and historical treasures.”

Using Apple Pay Will Help Preserve National Parks , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

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