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News: UK set to ban stores from charging fees on Apple Pay transactions

Dan Pye January 3, 2018

The UK has a new law going into effect January 13 making it illegal for stores to add surcharges for customers paying with cards or contactless payment methods like Apple Pay, The Bristol Post reports. While most larger retailers weren’t charging fees for transactions, some smaller businesses and online stores were adding a penalty for those paying with certain payment methods. Now all in-store and online purchases made within the UK from UK…


The UK Is Now Banning Shops From Charging Apple Pay Fees

Tyler Lee January 3, 2018

Have you ever been to a store where you tried to pay by card but they refuse to let you unless you spend over a certain limit? Or maybe a shop that avoids accepting cards entirely? That’s because these shops want to avoid transaction fees associated with using cards, but the good news is that this practice is going away in the UK.

In a report from the Bristol Post (via 9to5Mac), the UK will start to ban shops from charging a fee for using credit/debit cards, and this will also apply to other payment services such as American Express, PayPal, and Apple Pay. This will be applied to both in-store and online purchases, although the only caveat is that these purchases need to be made in the UK and from UK businesses.

This means that using your credit card or Apple Pay or PayPal to pay for something from another country, you can still expect those fees to be charged. The goal of this new law is to ensure that businesses do not profit from debit or credit charge transactions, meaning that businesses should only profit from the things that they sell, whether it be a product or service.

Of course the only downside here is that there is a possibility that to make up for the loss in transaction fees associated with credit/debit cards, businesses might try to hike up the prices as a way of sneaking those fees back in.

The UK Is Now Banning Shops From Charging Apple Pay Fees , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


News: Report: Leaked bank documents show Apply Pay is coming to Brazil

Dan Pye December 12, 2017

Leaked documents from Itaú Bank, one of Brazil’s larger banks, show that Apple Pay will soon be available there, iHelp BR reports. After years of rumors and failed negotiations with that country’s banks, the Twitter handle @ApplePayBR has posted what appears to be the terms and conditions of using Apple Pay with Itaú Bank accounts, the strongest indication yet that Brazil will finally be getting Apple Pay. Itaú Visa Platinum Personnalité…


News: Apple Pay Cash now operational in iOS 11.2

Dan Pye December 5, 2017

After this weekend’s release of iOS 11.2, users were left wondering why Apple Pay Cash was mentioned in the release notes but not actually operational. The release was the first ever to be sent during the weekend — seemingly in response to a December 2 date bug that was causing iPhones to crash — leading to speculation that Apple rushed it out the door to fix the bug before Apple Pay Cash was ready. Now non-beta users are finding the feature…


iOS 11.2 Released With Apple Pay Cash, Faster Wireless Charging

Tyler Lee December 3, 2017

When iOS 11 was released, there were a couple of features that Apple advertised that weren’t launched with it, such as Apple Pay Cash, but that has changed as Apple has since released the update to iOS 11.2. With this update, Apple will finally bring Apple Pay Cash to the iOS platform, as well as support for faster wireless charging.

Wireless charging usually gets a bad rap for being slow, at least compared to regular wired charging, especially with phones feature fast charging abilities these days. However Apple did state that they plan to boost wireless charging speeds with iOS 11.2 and sure enough they have with the latest update.

As for Apple Pay Cash, this is basically P2P payments made using Apple Pay. Users of iOS and Apple Pay will be able to send each other money using their linked debit and/or credit cards, a feature that has been missing on Apple pay for a while. Other companies have already allowed P2P payments, like what Google has done with Gmail, and what Facebook has done with Messenger.

The update will also fix a weird December 2nd bug that causes iPhones to soft reset. The update should already be live so keep an eye out for the prompt, or head on over to the Settings and pull it manually if you can’t wait.

iOS 11.2 Released With Apple Pay Cash, Faster Wireless Charging , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


News: Apple Pay Cash finally appears in iOS 11.2 beta

Dan Pye November 8, 2017

After weeks of speculation about when Apple Pay Cash would be made available to the public and confirmation that Apple employees had been testing it, the feature has finally appeard in the latest iOS 11.2 beta according to an Apple support document. Now users enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program can download the new beta and begin transferring money to one another through the Messages app. The feature only works if the person receiving the…


Apple Pay Cash Launched In Beta

Adnan Farooqui November 7, 2017

A major Apple Pay feature that was announced earlier this year has gone live in beta today. Apple Pay Cash enables users to send and receive money in iMessages on iPhones. The feature has been launched in beta today, enabling person-to-person payments in the iMessage app. The public beta of this feature has been launched today on iOS 11.2 and users can opt in for it via the iOS Public Beta program.

Once they have updated, users will see an Apple Pay button in the apps section of Messages. This will enable them to initiate a payment. The feature can also be triggered by asking for money in a message or tapping on a message from someone else that’s asking for money. Transfers can also be triggered using Siri.

Apple Pay Cash beta is only available for users in the United States who have an iPhone running iOS 11.2. They must have two-factor authentication enabled on their Apple ID for this feature to work.

Users can fund their transfers by using any credit or debit card that they’ve configured in Apple Pay. No service fee is charged for transactions funded by a debit card but an “industry standard” fee will be charged for those funded by credit cards.

It’s going to be a while before this feature gets out of beta. Apple hasn’t said as yet if and when it’s planning to expand Apple Pay Cash to markets outside the United States.

Apple Pay Cash Launched In Beta , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.


Adidas Launches A New Mobile Shopping App

Tyler Lee November 7, 2017

Shopping apps are a dime a dozen, and pretty much any retailer worth their salt will have an app of sorts that will allow shoppers to shop using their mobile devices. However for some reason and despite seemingly eagerly embracing new technologies, Adidas has lacked a mobile shopping app of their own.

However that has all changed as the company has since officially announced the launch of their new Adidas app (via Engadget), which in case wasn’t obvious by now will allow users on iOS and Android to shop for Adidas products using their phones. As with a lot of shopping experiences these days, shopping on your Adidas app will be different from that of your friend as it will be tailored depending on the gear you’ve shopped for in the past, the type of sports you play, and so on.

In addition to allowing users to shop with the app, Adidas is hoping that the app will be more than just a shopping app and will fill it with articles, blog posts, videos, and more. Users are also expected to eventually be able to login with their Runtastic account.

According to Joseph Godsey, head of digital brand commerce at Adidas, “The app gets to know the consumer’s sport and style preferences and learns from his or her behaviour and interaction with adidas across all our digital touch points. The most relevant news stories, articles, blog posts, videos and events announcements are surfaced to engage with the consumer on what they are passionate about.”

The app will also allow users to pay using payment platforms like Apple Pay and Android Pay. At the moment the app will be only available to those living in the US and UK, with plans to roll it out to more countries come 2018, so head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play for the download.

Adidas Launches A New Mobile Shopping App , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

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