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The Amazon Echo Gets The PRODUCT(RED) Treatment

Tyler Lee November 20, 2017

If you’re thinking about buying a new set of speakers and doing your bit for charity, you’ll be interested to learn that Amazon has recently announced a PRODUCT(RED) edition of their second-gen Echo speakers. As you can see in the photo above, this means that we’ll be seeing the Echo speaker get a new look.

In case it wasn’t obvious, the only change that the Echo will be seeing will be to its outside grill, where it will now sport a red cover. However apart from that, the tech specs and the features of the speaker will remain identical to the regular second-gen Echo. The speakers are priced at $100 and is available for pre-order via Amazon’s website, with 10% of the proceeds being donated to fighting AIDS through the Global Fund.

Whether or not you believe in the cause is up to you, but if you’re looking for a set of speakers with a striking finish instead of the usual black finish that we typically see, then perhaps this could be worth taking a look at. The speakers are currently set for a release on the 6th of December and also marks the first time that Amazon has launched such a device.

Amazon is of course not the first or only company to do so, with Apple possibly being the more at the forefront of such endeavors, such as creating (RED) iPods, iPhones, headphones, and so on.

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Flaw Found In Amazon Key That Could Disable The Cloud Cam

Tyler Lee November 17, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, Amazon announced Amazon Key. This is basically a system that allows a courier to enter your home and leave your package in your home, which means that even if you’re not home you will still receive your packages as promised. This will cut down on delivery delays and also theft of packages when left on the front door.

If that wasn’t a little dubious already, security researchers at Rhino Security Labs have discovered a flaw in Amazon Key that could allow a courier to disable the Amazon Cloud Cam, which means that they could essentially turn off the security camera and rob you and you wouldn’t have any video evidence of that.

According to Ben Caudill, the founder of Rhino Security Labs, it pretty much renders the whole system moot as the Cloud Cam is what Amazon is trying to reassure customers will help keep an eye on things. That being said, Amazon has since told WIRED that they perform comprehensive background checks on drivers, and with every delivery connected to a driver, they can verify when a driver is at a location and are who they say they are before unlocking the door for them.

They also state that they will be issuing an update that will be able to quickly notify customers if their camera goes offline during a delivery. “Later this week we will deploy an update to more quickly provide notifications if the camera goes offline during delivery.”

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Amazon Reportedly Drops Plans For A TV Service

Adnan Farooqui November 15, 2017

Multiple reports have suggested that Amazon is developing a standalone TV streaming service that will be aimed at cord-cutters. However, if a new report is to be believed, the company has decided to give up on its plans to launch a standalone online TV streaming service. Previous reports had claimed that the service would bundle popular broadcast and cable networks in the country.

The main reason Amazon is believed to have decided to let this go is that the company believes that it can’t make enough money on the service.

Reuters reports that Amazon has also been unable to convince important broadcast and basic cable networks to ditch their conventional business models and join its a la carte Amazon Channels service. Amazon has now reportedly backed away from talks with them.

That’s not to say that Amazon is losing interest in the entertainment niche. On the contrary, it recently announced the purchase of global TV rights to The Lord of the Rings. Amazon is planning to develop a multi-season series that will bring in more subscribers for its Prime Video service.

Amazon could decide to change course and try to launch such a service once again, but for now, the talks between the company and key stakeholders are said to be over.

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Alexa Gets A Personal Finance Feature For Ally Bank Customers

Adnan Farooqui November 15, 2017

Amazon and Ally Bank have created a new skill for the former’s AI-powered digital assistant Alexa. The skill brings a new personal finance feature for Alexa that’s powered by Ally Bank. The bank’s customers can now ask Alexa questions like how many hours will they need to work in order to purchase a house, car or even that vacation they’ve always wanted.

Alexa already has a plethora of skills that enable it to perform a wide variety of tasks, ranging from calling you an Uber to reading out the news and keep an eye on your bank account.

This feature will help users ascertain whether the thing they want to purchase is even worth the amount of time they will spend working in order to earn it. This can provide some much needed perspective to those who have a tendency to get trapped in the rat race just because their wants outweigh their needs.

The new feature is called CurrenSee. Users can start off by asking Alex to open Ally and tell them how much a product or experience costs in CurrenSee. Alexa will then ask them how much they make in a year and how many hours they work in a week. It will then calculate and inform the user precisely how many hours of work they will have to put in to purchase that product or experience.

This is an expansion of the existing partnership between Amazon and Ally Bank. The bank’s customers can already perform everyday banking tasks on Amazon’s Echo devices. They can keep an eye on account balances, recent transactions and deposits, check current interest rates, and even transfer money.

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Amazon Music App Gets Chromecast Support

Adnan Farooqui November 14, 2017

Amazon and Google’s love-hate relationship continues to confuse people. While the former ditched Chromecasts from its online marketplace and the latter decided to pull YouTube support from the Echo Show, Amazon has decided to add Chromecast support to the Amazon Music app. It was expected that the Amazon Music app might get support for Chromecasts soon and this has finally happened.

Not long after Google decided to pull YouTube support from the Echo Show, it was reported that the company is thinking about launching its own Echo Show rival. So one can say that the relationship between these two tech giants leaves a lot to be desired.

References to this Chromecast integration were discovered several weeks ago in the Amazon Music app. This suggests that the company might be thinking about adding this functionality to the app.

Amazon has now officially confirmed that its Music app supports Chromecast. The app’s changelog has been updated to reflect this fact.

Chromecast support will enable users to select music on their Android device via the Amazon Music app and then have that music play wirelessly on Chromecast-enabled devices.

This includes devices like TVs, speakers with Chromecast built-in, Google Home devices, and Google Assistant-powered speakers.

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Amazon Could Expand To Australia By Black Friday

Tyler Lee November 14, 2017

Thanks to globalization, a lot of online retailers can ship to pretty much most parts of the world. Amazon is one of them, although admittedly the company’s shipping rates can sometimes be a bit pricey, which is why there are many customers who are hoping for Amazon to launch a localized version for their market/country.

So far we’ve seen Amazon expand to Southeast Asia through Singapore, and now it looks like Oceania could be next. According to emails seen by CNET, it looks like Amazon will be expanding to Australia and it could be as soon as this month. The report claims that Amazon has sent emails to various third-party sellers and are asking them to get their products online and ready to be sold by “mid-November”, with plans to hopefully launch by Black Friday.

A couple of CNET’s sources have confirmed that this is indeed the company’s plan, which is to go live by Black Friday, but it seems that these plans could change depending on whether or not they can get everything up and running in time. This seems to have been previously hinted at by Amazon Australia country manager Rocco Braeuniger, where he took to the stage at an Amazon Seller Summit in Sydney and said that the company would be launching “really, really soon”.

This should be good news for Australians (and potentially those in New Zealand as well), but until it has been officially launched, maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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Amazon Confirms ‘Lord Of The Rings’ TV Series In The Works

Tyler Lee November 13, 2017

Most of us enjoyed Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies when they were released back in the day. Sure, it was a more condensed version compared to the book and obviously missed out on a lot of the finer details, but for the most part Jackson did a terrific job in bringing the Lord of the Rings world to life.

Now if you were hankering for more Lord of the Rings content, you’ll be pleased to learn that the rumors of a TV series have since been confirmed. In an announcement by Amazon, the company has confirmed that they are developing a Lord of the Rings TV series. This won’t be a TV series version of the story, but rather it will explore storylines that precede The Fellowship of the Ring.

For those who are fans of J.R.R. Tolkien are probably aware of the fact that The Hobbit was in a way the prequel to Lord of the Rings, so presumably Amazon’s series will kind of explore the in-between of both stories. As expected the series will be launched on Amazon Prime Video which means a subscription is required, although we have heard rumors that an ad-supported version could be in the works.

There is no date on when this series will be launched or who will be starring in it, but we expect more details will be shared at a later date.

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Free Ad-Supported Amazon Prime Video Possibly Being Developed

Adnan Farooqui November 13, 2017

It was first reported back in 2014 that Amazon was thinking about developing a free version of its Amazon Prime Video streaming service. The company would have launched it as an ad-supported service instead. Amazon has denied the reports in the past but they have surfaced yet again. A new report claims that Amazon is developing a free ad-supported version of Amazon Prime Video.

Ad Age reports that Amazon is in talks with TV networks, media companies, and movie studios to get them to provide programming for the free service.

Previous reports have also claimed that the free service will exist alongside the paid option that’s also offered as part of the $99 per year Amazon Prime subscription. The new report doesn’t suggest anything to the contrary.

Amazon Prime Video users don’t really have to put up with advertisements right now. The company did put ads inside the National Football League games this season and it has also offered some opportunities for brand integrations. That’s about it.

A full-fledged ad-supported streaming service would be entirely different. Users will be able to access the content for free as long as they put up with the video ads. Such a service would enable Amazon to bring in a lot more viewers as competition between tech giants competing in the online video space heats up.

Amazon has not yet commented on this report. It’s unclear at this point in time when the company is planning to launch this service, if it is working on one at all.

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Amazon Starts Selling Their Kindles & Fire TVs At Whole Foods

Tyler Lee November 10, 2017

Having built their business around a digital storefront that can deliver pretty much all over the world, it seems that Amazon is clearly interested in being able to sell its products in person as well. We’ve seen the company launch physical bookstores where customers can buy books and other Amazon products like Kindles, and now they’re bringing that business model to Whole Foods.

As you might have heard, Amazon has recently acquired Whole Foods and the company has announced that sooner customers will be able to purchase other Amazon products at Whole Foods outlets as well. This includes devices like the Kindle e-readers, the Amazon Fire TVs, and also Amazon Echo speakers.

These products are expected to be available for purchase the week before Black Friday, which is set for the 24th of November. Amazon is also expected to offer deals to customers which includes various discounts on Amazon products ranging from $20 to $30, depending on the product in question.

In a statement by Amazon, “These collaborative programs are another step forward in the integration between the companies. Whole Foods Market and Amazon will together continue innovating to provide customers with a great shopping experience, in-store offerings and lower prices.” So the next time you’re out shopping for groceries, we guess you could pick up an e-reader as well.

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Amazon Announces The Fire TV Stick Basic Edition

Tyler Lee November 7, 2017

Last year Amazon launched a new Fire TV Stick that came with a remote control with Alexa built into it, leveraging the company’s highly-successful digital voice assistant. Its availability at the time of launch was limited, but the good news is that if you weren’t part of the initial launch markets, Amazon will be expanding on it.

However there is a catch and that is Amazon’s expansion of the Fire TV Stick’s availability comes in the form of a new product: the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition. This is essentially the same device that was launched last year, with the main difference being that this particular model will not have a remote with Alexa access, but if you didn’t really care for the voice assistant, or if its presence was a secondary need, then we guess it doesn’t matter.

The launch of the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition will also see Amazon make it available in more than 100 countries around the world, and there will be support for allowing users to set a variety of non-English languages as their default. The Fire TV Stick Basic Edition will grant users access to all the same content as the regular Fire TV Stick (although it might vary country to country), including Amazon Prime Video which will have allow users to access videos that are exclusive to it.

As for availability, the Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition is priced at $50 and is already available for purchase via Amazon’s website.

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